Disclaimer:  Episode and characters are Paramount’s

Rating:  G

Notes:  I was inspired to write this after watching “Tuvix” again and remembering how much I liked this Kathryn Janeway, as opposed to the one we’ve seen in the last couple of years.  I wrote two versions of this story, one features Tuvok the other Chakotay.  You can pick your version or read both.



An episode addition to “Tuvix”

By Mary S.


           The captain of the starship Voyager sat alone in her ready room, trying to distract her thoughts, picking up padds at random, laying them down, unable to concentrate.  The pain was nearly unbearable.  His eyes, those strange tawny-coloured eyes that somehow managed to convey both Tuvok’s calm and Neelix’s ebullience, had stared into her soul in his last few seconds of life.

           She had clenched her jaw, forcing herself to look at him, to give him the dignity that his death – his ‘execution’, to use his words – deserved.

           The pain stabbed anew, right through her.  ‘What have I done!’ she cried silently to the room.  ‘How could I deliberately kill him, a person, a sentient being – my friend!’

           The doorchime sounded.  ‘Oh no!  I can’t face anyone, not right now!  I can’t!’

           Command training kicked in, brought up her chin, straightened her spine, masked all emotion.  “Enter.”

          Version one Tuvok                                                                        Version two Chakotay