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Notes:  Set right at the end of “Endgame”


By Mary S.

           “Mister Chakotay, take the helm.”

           The captain’s voice, even at low pitch, was edged with intensity as she indicated the pilot’s chair.  Immediately, Commander Chakotay moved from his position beside Seven of Nine down to the lower level of the bridge.  As he slid into place, his hands came to rest on the control panel.

           “Course, Captain?”

           He glanced up at the woman standing to one side, her eyes staring at the viewscreen as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.   His voice brought her attention back to him and she began to smile.

           “Set a course for home,” she replied softly.

           As his fingers flew across the board, she moved to stand just behind him, one hand of its own volition settling on his shoulder.  He felt a tremor run through her fingers and again glanced up at her face.  She was biting her lower lip hard, trying to remain in control, but despite her efforts, two tears began to slip slowly down her cheeks.  He raised a hand to cover hers, squeezing gently as he faced forward once more.   Before them on the viewscreen, the blue and white planet was growing larger.

           At this exact moment, Chakotay’s emotions were mixed – relief that they had survived another encounter with the Borg, pride that they had finally achieved their ultimate goal, worry about his own future, and overlying everything else, concern for his captain who, he sensed, was very close to breaking down.   He looked up a third time as her fingers dug into his shoulder.    On impulse, he rose to his feet, nodded to the relief pilot and took his captain’s hand, guiding her quickly off the bridge and into her ready room.   From behind, he could feel Seven’s eyes burning into his back.  He knew he would have to explain his precipitate actions to her later, but right now, his main concern was Kathryn.

           Even as the door slid closed, she gasped out a sob, then slumped into his arms as emotion overcame her.  He eased back to lean against her desk, then wrapped his arms tightly around her, burying his face in her hair.

           “It’s all right, Kathryn, let it out,” he murmured soothingly.  “Hold on to me.  I won’t let you go.”  Her arms clutched at his back as she shuddered, her head pushed into his chest.

           He continued to speak in quiet tones, letting the sound of his voice calm her until finally, she stopped shaking and relaxed in his embrace.  He lifted her chin, cupping her jaw with his hand.

           “Better?” he asked.

           She nodded tremulously and tried to smile, but made no attempt to move.  Instead, she sighed and settled herself once more on his chest, closing her eyes.  Chakotay stroked her cheek, then lightly kissed her hair, before resting his chin on her head.

           And as he did, he had a sudden revelation – this was where he belonged, here, with this woman.  She was the one who owned his heart – she always had.  He’d only been deceiving himself to think he could fall in love with anyone else.

           He lifted his head to look at her, wondering for the umpteenth time just what she felt for him.  Well, maybe now was as good a time as any to find out.

           “Kathryn?” he whispered.  “Tell me what you’re feeling.”

           She didn’t open her eyes, but gradually a contented smile crept over her face, and her arms tightened slightly.  “Right now, I’m feeling…loved.”  Her eyes snapped open to gaze up at him.  “Is that right, Chakotay?”

           “Yes, Kathryn, it’s very right.”

           He bent his head just enough to kiss her lightly, his lips brushing across hers, barely tasting her.  She moaned deep in her throat, then stretched up to deepen the kiss, her body straining against his.  He clutched at her back as his tongue dove into her mouth, then slid his hands lower to grip her buttocks and press her tightly against him.

           Kathryn’s weight was resting entirely on him as he still leaned against the desk.  She gripped his spine as she felt long-repressed desire flood her senses.  She didn’t have to hold back any longer, she thought vaguely.  If she wanted him – and she did – she could have him.  Her body responded to him as she started to cry in sheer relief.  Chakotay felt her tears and pulled back in concern.

           “Kathryn?!  What is it?!  What’s wrong?”

           “Nothing!” she gasped.  “I’m just…I’m so happy!” burst out of her.

           He smiled tenderly, then looked around as he remembered where they were.

           “Do you think we should go back to the bridge?” he asked somewhat reluctantly.

           “Do we have to?   This is nice, right here.”

           He grinned down at her and kissed her again.  “I imagine they’re wondering what’s going on in here.”

           She sighed and dropped her arms, then stepped back.   “I guess you’re right.  But Chakotay, I hope we can explore…this…some more.   If you want to, that is,” she added hurriedly, as her eyes flew to his in sudden fear.

           He trailed his fingers over her cheek, smiling gently.  “Yes, Kathryn, I do want to.  I don’t know what the future holds, but I want to share it with you.  And I don’t mean in a command situation,” just in case she had misunderstood.

           She hadn’t.

           “I know what you mean,” she grinned, then took his hand and kissed the palm, letting her tongue tickle his skin.  He shivered as arousal coursed through him.

           “Kathryn,” he groaned.  “You can’t do that and expect me to walk out on the bridge.”

           She glanced down, her grin widening as she took in his bulging trousers.  Her voice sank to a husky whisper as she muttered half to herself.  “Ohh, I want that!”

           Chakotay groaned again before straightening to stand in front of her.  “Then you’ll have it, sweetheart, but right now, I think we have a few things to do.”

           Kathryn sighed and nodded.  “Let me wash my face.”  She stepped into the bathroom as she spoke, as Chakotay attempted to ease his tight trousers.  By the time she came out, he had himself under control.

           Kathryn led the way onto the bridge, Chakotay following just as he always had.

           There would be problems ahead, they both knew, the first of which was standing on the upper level biting her lip in a futile attempt to hide her concern.  But they also knew they could overcome whatever trials the future might hold as long as they stuck together.

           They sat down in their respective chairs, hands stretching out across the center console to grip tightly together.

           Earth filled the viewscreen.

           “Starfleet Command to Voyager,” came a disembodied voice.

           “Voyager here,” replied her captain.

           “On behalf of every citizen of the Federation, welcome home.  Please proceed to McKinley Station…”

The End

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