Disclaimer:  Paramount’s – enough said. 

Rating:  G


Notes: I have not been overly fond of drabbles, but, to qualify for the Awesome Author Award contest, I am trying my hand at one.  It’s certainly a different way of writing. 

 A Drabble  


By Mary S. 

Dark blue eyes met deep brown. 

“Are you sure?” he asked once more. 

“Yes,” she replied, nervous but determined. 

Together they walked through the mess hall doors and stopped, hesitating, knowing the heads would turn to glance at them, at first mildly curious, then – conversations halted in mid-sentence, mouths gaped open in shock, eyes stared dumbfounded. 

She glanced down at their hands, clasped tightly together, their fingers interlaced in a symbolic gesture known only to them. 

“It’s gotten awfully quiet in here, Chakotay.  Do you think we need to say anything?” 

“Oh no, Kathryn.  I think they’ve got the message.”